Glider Exercise Discs

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Glider Exercise Discs
Glider Exercise Discs


Fat2fit Sliding Exercise Gliding Discs – Set of 2, Duel Sided for Sliding on Carpet & Hardwood Floors. 

Core sliders give you the ability to engage the full range of your core muscles or target individual muscle groups. Using only your body weight, you’re forced to balance and stabilize your core while minimizing impact on your joints and tendons. Get strong and stay safe at the same time.

Practice your plank, mountain climbers, lunges and many other movements whilst placing your weight on the discs to fire up and engage your core, legs, glutes and upper body simultaneously.

★ ALL OVER BODY EXERCISE — It helps improve your body coordination, balance, flexibility, core strength, body shaping and the range of motion in joints with low impact on your joints. It adds variety to your workouts and brings more fun.

★ MADE OF STRONG NYLON FABRIC — Both sides of the gliding discs are made of Nylon fabric. They are strong and resistant enough for any workouts. Can even be used on the carpet.

★ EASY TO INTEGRATE INTO ANY WORKOUT — The gliding discs are easy to integrate into any workouts like Yoga, Pilates, High Intensity Interval Training, Aerobic Exercise, Strength Training, Weight Training and more

You can use the gliding discs on your travels, in your home or gym… Pretty much anywhere you can find a smooth surface! Pop the gliding discs on the floor and enjoy a quick workout – perfect for those people with a busy lifestyle struggling to find a time to work out.

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Glider Exercise Discs
Glider Exercise Discs

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