Fit with Sera Lilly App


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Fit with Sera Lilly App
Fit with Sera Lilly App
Fit with Sera Lilly App


I'm a Qualified PT and Mum of five - Stella 16, Kingston 10, Luella 9, Amalia 5, and Odelia who’s about to turn 1.

I have an amazing husband Amani and our life is crazy busy with our children and business. I post about Lifestyle, Health and Fitness, Workouts, Kids, and issues like Post Natal Depression – which I suffer from.
I’ll be honest. I’ve struggled with weight issues for so many years and I’ve tried all the diets, the pills, and the shakes. But things changed last year after the birth of my fifth baby. 
My bowel ruptured and I developed peritonitis and had part of my bowel removed. I was seriously ill. It took a long time to start to feel “normal” – and I began to think about my body and my health differently. 
It’s about a lifestyle change and a slow and steady approach to a healthier me.
I have been on the Fit with Sera Lilly app since the last week of March and have been getting some amazing results.
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I can't wait to see your results
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Nat F

The Sera Lilly app has been amazing. My doctor has been pushing for me to have weightloss surgery and if I can prove that I can get down to a healthy weight naturally I won't need it. I've lost 5kgs so in only 4 weeks so far using the Sera Lilly app. 
The food is delicious and most of your everyday foods and the workouts are convenient for gym or home if you are pressed for time. 
I've tried a lot of fad diets and failed but this app has the weight shifting and I would 100% recommend anyone trying to lose weight to try it.
Fit with Sera Lilly App
Fit with Sera Lilly App
Fit with Sera Lilly App

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