My Weight loss over the years

Written By Sarah Lilly - October 20 2014


January 03 2018

Omg well first off i just want to say how much of a enpact u have on me its amazing i watch ur snapchats everyday. Only reason i go on haha i also follow u on facebook .
I have recently just had a wee baby boy 12 weeks today . I was always a big girl when younger and got teasted alot for it . I was born without a thryiod gland so if meds to maintain it but have been told by docters il never be small. Anyways i am at 134kgs the biggest yet . I get so depressed about at the best of times. I have lookd at ur website and see that everything is sold out . Just wanting to no what helps u i see u have takin pills before aswel . ? I have just asked to join a gym again. Just i dont no need some guidence . Thanks
P.s saw ur post about people commenting about ur appearence . Forget what other people say i think its beauty no clogging ur face with.make up and letting ur skin breathe and you have 5 kids if u want to wear something comfy so be it .keep being you and doing what u do .

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